Activu launches ActivShare for control room collaboration

Activu, the developer of ActivWare, a visualization and collaboration platform for mission-critical control room environments, has unveiled ActivShare, a desktop collaboration product for the control room and beyond.

ActivShare provides a way for decision makers in the control room (and other locations) to quickly collaborate and share information with one or more network connected users with three clicks of a mouse.  It allows any user to share any application window on their desktop with one or more users or onto one or more network-connected displays, including videowalls, conference room displays and remote desktops. 

ActivShare does not require launching a separate application. ActivShare can be purchased as a separate standalone collaboration solution or as part of Activu’s control room videowall visualisation system.

ActivShare tracks every application window on the desktop, providing access to ActivShare through a menu button placed on the title bar of the active application.

The software places a menu-button on the current active window title bar to provide access to ActivShare’s functionality. Users click the ActivShare “a” at the top of the active application, select who (or where) to share the information with and click connect for instant collaboration.   Recipients can, in turn (and with permission), share the applications with others.

Multiuser white boarding, chat, and KVM ensure that all users can fully interact with the information and collaborate. When a decision is made, the results can be captured in a file for offline review.  
ActivShare provides tools including integrated multi-user chat and white boarding, to allow users to collaborate in real-time.

Any content can be shared, including full motion content and streaming video, with real time updates for all participants.  All Activu network distributed components use encryption and authentication technologies for security to ensure that all information is safeguarded from unauthorised access.

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