Active Audio expands range

Active Audio has announced the launch of the Ray-On 100, a new passive column loudspeaker.

The Ray-on 100 column loudspeaker is a 1m high device that can be mounted vertically, and so, very close to the wall. The company says it achieves the tour de force of making with a passive loudspeaker what could only be obtained with a complex signal processing. I.e combining vertical mounting and a homogeneous and constant sound on twenty meters, to a strong directivity.

This column loudspeaker offers an alternative for conference rooms, small churches, shopping malls, airports, et cetera.

The technical solution is based on the DGRC principle (Digital and Geometric Radiation Control), patented by Active Audio. DGRC is a combination of electronic and geometric line-arrays. The loudspeakers are mounted by group on a stepped structure. The wave front is shaped and controlled by both the geometric positioning and orientations of the loudspeakers, and by a specific filter for each step.

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