Absen updates Absenicon LED panel

LED manufacturer Absen is launching an updated version of its Absenicon LED panel.

Absenicon is designed for high-end meeting rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums in corporate, government, education, and other indoor environments.

The new Absenicon 3.0 LED has a 5mm frame and is 28.5mm screen depth. Bringing a 16:9 aspect ratio (Full HD resolution), Absenicon 3.0 is available in in three different sizes: 110-in, 138-in and 165-in.

The panel features a 94% screen-to-body ratio and 160° viewing angle. Absenicon 3.0’s all-in-one design integrates a complete control, operation, and sound system, avoiding the need for any traditional control box and video processor.

Featuring a smart control system, Absenicon 3.0 users can turn the screen on and off, switch the digital channels, and adjust the screen brightness thanks to the on-screen display menu settings.

The Absenicon 3.0 supports dual systems including Android 8.0 and optional Windows 10 OS for BYOD needs. By scanning a QR code, users can share the content of a computer, smartphone, or tablet while taking notes on these devices during a conference. The Absenicon 3.0 is able to share multiple screens simultaneously.

Absenicon 3.0 is front-serviceable and will be shipping in Q2 2021.

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