Absen launches Aurora series of high brightness LED

LED manufacturer Absen is targeting its Aurora LED display series at medium to large DOOH installations.

The six Aurora models offer 10,000-nit brightness and a 1280mm x 960mm standard panel size, with three other optional sizes.

Weighing 25kg per sq m, the Aurora series is 50% thinner and lighter than its predecessors, which Absen puts down to a new engineering approach which reduces nearly 25% of all steel materials. Aurora is also a fan-less LED display which offers a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to previous models.

Front and rear installation is a two to three step process and panels offer front and rear module assembly and access.

Aurora offers a high contrast ratio and is designed to display a high image quality even under direct sunlight. It also has a 3,840Hz refresh rate and 16bit grayscale.

The units are waterproof, with an operating temperature between -40 and +50 degrees Celsius.

The A0421, A0621 and A0821 are the smaller pixel pitches in the series, ranging from 4.44mm – 16mm pitch, whilst the larger pitches, A1021, A1021D and A1621D, are designed for further viewing distances.


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