Absen launches A27 Series for public, retail and corporate installs

Videowall manufacturer Absen has launched the A27 series for advertising, retail, corporate and all fixed installation environments.

The A27 is a 27.5-in tile and comes in three models: the A2725, the A2719, the A2715 and the A2714, with a respective pixel pitch of 2.54mm, 1.906mm, 1.58mm and 1.46mm, offering a 3840Hz refresh rate and brightness of up to 1,000 nits.
The A27 series offers dot-to-dot FHD for true 16:9 4K resolution, HDMI interface/APP control, and ADA-compliant, VESA compatibility.
The Absen A27 is available in three versions, offering pixel pitch ranging from 1.58 – 2.54mm, the A27 series uses black matte SMD LEDs.
The A27 series can be linked together and maintained in uniform flatness, using in-built levelling latches, in any configuration not limited to just its rectangular 16:9 proportion. Alternatively, the series can run curved at 90°, either concave or convex.
Tthe A27 series can be installed with Absen accessories in different environments: ceiling-rigged, stacked or wall-mounted. The Absen EasyMount kit allows the Absen A27 be front installed at a thickness of 10mm. All servicing of the product can also be carried out from the front.

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