A+K combines OneSpace Link and EVOKO Liso

AV distributor Anders+Kern has added to its portfolio with the introduction of OneSpace Link, the Microsoft Outlook-based plug-in application for meeting room management. OneSpace Link is software as a service (SaaS) designed to work with the EVOKO Liso panel.

Synergising with the user interface of the EVOKO panel, OneSpace Link allows the end user to book multiple spaces across multiple locations without having to leave Outlook calendar, so rooms have all of the services and supplies (such as catering, AV equipment) needed to make meetings run smoothly.

The software delivers the deployment of analytic reporting, giving detailed insights into an organisation’s meeting patterns and behaviours, enabling the optimisation of resources,.

The software also lays out floor plans within the Outlook screen in intricate detail, highlighting both availability and unavailability (depicted in green and red) in real time, allowing the end user to identify rooms that meet their specific requirements at a glance.

All actions made in Outlook are mirrored instantly to the corresponding panel outside the room and vice versa.

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