3M to show two new multi-touch displays at ISE 2014

ISE 2014 will see the European launch of two new products from 3M, the plug-and–play 42in screen C4267PW and the 3M Multi-Touch System PCT2420PX.

Both of which use the company’s patented PCAP multi-touch screen technology, with features such as 60 simultaneous touches, fast response times and bezel-free industrial design.

In common with the rest of the 3M multi touch displays, ranging from 18.5 to 46in, both products focus on customisation and flexibility.

The 3M Multi Touch Display C4267PW requires just a cable connector to operate.  It is unaffected by ambient light making it suitable for applications such as interactive digital signage and multi-user interactive table-top devices. 

For OEM designers who want to incorporate 3M Multi-Touch PCAP technology into their own systems, 3M has also introduced the 3M Multi-Touch System PCT2420PX, comprising both a sensor and controller and able to support displays from 32-46in.

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