3-D Hub to bring 3D content to classrooms

Interactive 3D teaching software provider 3D-Hub, which offers 3D software and 'virtual models' for the classroom, is to work in partnership with It Is 3D, a supplier of 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations around the world.

The partnership will mean 3D-Hub's content and its media player, which is downloaded online and installed on classroom PCs, will be offered alongside It Is 3D's product range, which includes 3D printers, scanners, creative design software and milling machines.

The integration of these technologies will offer a more complete technology package to the education sector.

The UK Government recently announced that a trial, which saw 21 secondary schools begin to use 3D printers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and Design and Technology classes, is to be extended to a further 60 schools.

3D-Hub's software can view all types of 3D stereo content being used and produced for schools and allows images created for 3D printers to be viewed and manipulated in front of the entire class via a projector and whiteboard.

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