Tascam introduces VS series AV over IP appliances

Tascam has announced its VS-R264 and VS-R265 AV over IP streaming encoder and decoder products, designed for live video streaming in both 4K/UHD streaming (3840x2160) and full HD streaming (1920x1080) respectively.

The VS-R264, designed for Full HD streaming and VS-R265, designed for 4K streaming, feature simultaneous encoding, recording, streaming and decoding of multiple video streams using H.264 GOP encoding with bit rates up to 30 megabits.

The VS-R265, a 4K/UHD AV over IP streaming encoder and decoder records, encodes, streams and decodes 4K video content using high efficiency video coding (HEVC).

Both encoder/decoders are compatible with standard streaming protocols such as HLS, RTMP, RTP/RTSP, Multicast and Unicast, all with RESTful API.

The VS series line can record directly to USB connected media or SD cards via a front panel loading slot, with recorded files able to be uploaded to an FTP server automatically for creating back up copies or repurposing to the web.

 HDMI in/out connections are included, with the HDMI input port enabling streaming to the network as well as encoding to MPEG4 H.265/H.264 from the HDMI input and decoding from the network stream to the HDMI output.


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