RGB Spectrum releases Quadraview HDx

The QuadView HDx offers powerful image processing in a compact multiviewer. It is ideal for every application requiring display of multiple images on a monitor or projector.

The device accepts high resolution DVI, RGB, and HD, and optionally, S-Video, component and NTSC/PAL composite video signals, any four of which can be displayed simultaneously.

It produces the highest quality graphics and HD rendition, with state-of-the-art deinterlacing and scaling.

The new QuadView HDxv model includes the optional video switcher which accepts up to sixteen video inputs, user configurable as sixteen composite, eight S-Video or five component video inputs, in any combination. Up to sixteen video inputs can be cycled through a single window at user selected timing intervals.

The Quad View HDx line supports real-time, dynamic movement and resizing of windows. Each input can be scaled and positioned anywhere on the screen, as well as panned and zoomed to emphasise areas of interest. Display alternatives are virtually infinite, and include quad split, side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and overlapping windows.

With DVI inputs and outputs, a completely digital signal path can be maintained from signal source to display. A live background can be input via a DVI interface.

An optional KVM capability provides control of any computer or network controllable device displayed. SinglePoint KvM is RGB Spectrum's patent pending implementation of traditional KVM. With full bandwidth video directly connected to the processor, only control signals are passed over the network. This implementation guarantees real time video performance, unavailable in other systems.

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