New Bosch VMS

Bosch Security Systems has introduced a new Video Management System (VMS) as it attempts to enable customers to manage their digital video and audio over Internet Protocol (IP). VMS integrates IP video cameras and encoders with Bosch Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Bosch Allegiant matrix switches.

The VMS embodies Bosch’s Video Recording Manager (VRM) that manages and controls direct-to-iSCSI recording. It features automatic distribution of available storage and automatic failover. A single VRM server can manage up to 2000 cameras, and extra servers can be added as required. Special configuration management software allows the entire system to be configured from any PC on the network, and operator client software provides the user interface for system monitoring and operation.

Cameras, recorders, and viewing stations can be placed anywhere in the IP network, and all live and archived video data can be viewed simultaneously, at any location on single or multiple work stations. The VMS also provides system-wide event and alarm management, system health monitoring, as well as user and priority management from installations that span buildings, campuses, cities, countries, or continents.

VMS also fully integrates the company’s advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) functionality. IVA now includes colour-filtering capabilities that for the first time allow object colour, or a combination of colours, to be set as a detection criterion. It also offers alerts on line crossings, object trajectories and changes in object attributes. In addition, it features a forensic search capability that searches on content analysis information in the form of metadata – simple text strings describing specific image details generated and stored with the video images. This allows users to easily set up search queries that scan through the metadata, using smart search facilities and point them to video of interest.

The system uses the network infrastructure already present in most buildings. Set up and configuration can be carried out from any location. Automatic discovery, automatic assignment of IP addresses, and advanced copy facilities are included.

VMS also supports the latest .NET remoting technology, which requires two definable open ports. Multicast technology can also be used, to ensure efficient use of system bandwidth. In addition, all commands in the VMS are encrypted.

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