Netgear highlights 100G switches at ISE 2020

Netgear showcased its M4500 switches at the show, designed for AVoIP installations with the Netgear IGMP Plus. Featuring zero-touch multicast with layer 2 commands, the M4500 switches disregard the need for complex protocol independent multicast (PIM) routing along the 100G bandwidth.

Two M4500 models are available, with a choice of 32 or 48 port configurations. 
The M4500-32C features 32-port QSFP28s preconfigured for 100G, capable of supporting 40G QSFP+ and 50G QSFP28 optics or DAC cables. 

The M4500-48XFC features 48-port SFP28s preconfigured for 10G, with eight port 100G QSFP28 uplinks and the SFP28 ports able to support 10G and 25G. 

The ability to run third party AVoIP control and management software directly on the M4500 switch was also shown, with SDVoE systems, running Director from Imag SYSTEMS OR IPBaseT Manager from Aurora Multimedia on the switch with Aurora’s ReAX IP control software allowing for IP-based control automation with the M4500 switch.

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