ZetaDisplay expands in Benelux and Baltic states

ZetaDisplay expands in Benelux and Baltic states
ZetaDisplay is expanding in Europe by setting up its own sales offices in the Netherlands and Estonia. In Holland, ZetaDisplay has for a long time been implementing a major pilot installation with the Dutch retailer HEMA. This has resulted in a level of co-operation whereby ZetaDisplay is now installing its media platform across HEMA.

HEMA has over 600 retail outlets with about 10,000 employees, and sells almost exclusively products carrying its own brand. ZetaDisplay has carried out testing in HEMA´s various retail concepts, which range from department stores, high-traffic-stores, fast food outlets, cosmetic boutiques to restaurants. Altogether HEMA has about 500 premises in Holland and a hundred more spread between Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany. The installations have commenced in Holland.

Leif Liljebrunn, CEO of ZetaDisplay, said: "A time window has now opened for us to put in serious efforts in establishing our presence on new markets, and we foresee great growth potential in Europe in the near future.

"Thanks to our presence in Benelux we will be able to follow new and existing clients into Europe. Our relationship with HEMA is just one way of proving this, while it is a strong reference for other clients. With our presence in the Baltic, we can satisfy the wishes of existing clients who want our help, while at the same time we hold a window open to the Russian market."

ZetaDisplay supplies media platforms for digital multi-channel communications in retailing, installs the concept and assists clients is preparing content for communications within and outside stores.

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