YouTube goes 3D

YouTube goes 3D
Video sharing website YouTube brings 3D to the masses as it begins experimenting with a stereoscopic video player. The Google owned site is in early stages of testing with the unofficial project worked on by a developer under Google’s “20% project scheme”, a programme that allows staff to work on personal projects one day a week. Don your 3D specs and read on to watch a test video.

Stereoscopy fans are already providing videos and feedback, prompting the developer, known only as Pete, to post a comment on the YouTube Help forum. Pete reveals that the project is currently in very early stages and the program still contains “silly bugs”. He concludes: “Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, but as this isn’t my primary project I can’t promise a speedy turnaround with improvements.” Hopefully the high level of interest and feedback will prompt Google to elevate the status of the project and assist with rapid development.

Following revelations from Sky that they will be providing a 3D TV service, the YouTube project is a step further in democratising the third dimension.

Test videos currently loaded on YouTube provide options for various coloured lenses, cross-eyed versions, or single sources. The video below is showing in “cross-eyed” version which requires a lot of squinting and some creative thinking to get even vaguely near something that resembles 3D, but doesn’t require glasses.

For those of you with your own pair, follow this link to view the appropriate option