XL Video UK invests heavily in Barco and Lightware kit

XL Video UK has announced a major investment in new Barco projectors and lenses, as well as a large investment in video distribution equipment from Lightware. Both agreements support the company’s commitment to regularly update their inventory.

XL Video has invested £1.2 million in 30 of Barco’s HDX-W14 projectors, including a quantity of their TLD+ Ultra Short Throw lenses.

The projectors feature a modular construction and common modules for these units can be shared with XL’s existing fleet of HDF-W26 and HDQ-2K40 projectors.

XL Video has also invested £250,000 in a range of new DVI Matrices and Modex DVI Fibre Transmitters from Lightware Visual Engineering. This distribution equipment is 4K compatible and the 25 Gigabit backbone provides scalability to support future video technology developments.