World Cup 2022 campaign uses projection mapping onto the UN building in NYC to deliver its message

World Cup 2022 campaign uses projection mapping onto the UN building in NYC to deliver its message
Quince Imaging has partnered with 59 Productions to deliver projection mapping experience at the United Nations Building in New York for the lead-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup 'Scoring for the Goals' Campaign.

The launch featured images in a video projected onto the General Assembly and Secretariat buildings, and the General Assembly Terrace of the UN building. Over 200 guests attended the international event that kicked off UN General Assembly Week. Guests included the UN Secretary-General, dignitaries from the 31 World Cup qualifying teams, and officials from Qatar. 
59 Productions and The Mission of Qatar hired Quince Imaging to design and build the projection mapping system. The project included architectural projection mapping onto all three surfaces of the UN building and managing the audio, video, and lighting needs of the VIP event held on the General Assembly Terrace.
Quince Imaging began the setup on September 13, with the show and strike taking place on September 17. The technology included 26 Panasonic RQ 35K projectors, four Disguise Pro vx-4 media servers, two Sony HDC 3100, and two Panasonic UEI150 4K PTZ cameras. Quince Imaging worked alongside 59 Productions, Starlite, and York Scaffolding for the execution of the project that included more than 80 crew members. 
Projection included a 510-foot x 78-foot image on the Secretariat building, a 55-foot x 280-foot image on the curved east façade of the General Assembly building, and an 18-foot x 32-foot image on the VIP terrace of the General Assembly building. Scaffolding and weatherproofing were also required to support the projections, servers, and playback. Executing the VIP event required audio, lighting, and staging support, along with two staffed and two robotic cameras.
The installation took place throughout the week, beginning Tuesday with the building of several platforms of assorted sizes to support the sound, lighting, and projection systems. The towers were weatherproofed, and power and cabling were provided to all spaces.
On Wednesday, 26 projectors were loaded and placed on custom-designed platforms. The media servers were also installed, and a playback tent was built along with client review stations. Also on Wednesday, the projectionists began the initial set-up and projection alignment while the media server team fine-tuned the details to ensure a perfect display.
Fine-tuning continued Thursday and on Friday, audio and lighting were loaded into the Terrace. To ensure a flawless performance, another round of fine-tuning took place before rehearsals began at midnight. Final run-throughs and client approvals were secured on event day. The show took place from 7:15 to 9:00 p.m., with the striking of equipment immediately after the event with a full crew arriving at 10 p.m. and concluding at 2 a.m.
The team covered that and a giant 55-foot x 280-foot curved wall, in addition to a more standard flat wall on the terrace with only four days to set up (three days for projection and media servers).  


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