Windowless flights with video-walls

Windowless flights with video-walls
The Center for Process Innovation (CPI) has showcased their vision for the modern airplane with the aim of making flying more comfortable and convenient for travelers. By reducing the size of the fuselage used for the design of modern airplanes, CPI has found that cabins have a surprising amount of space that can be used to incorporate professional AV solutions.

Instead of standard windows, CPI envisions the use of OLED screens instead. Being lightweight, OLED screens can help reduce the overall weight of the airplane which can improve fuel efficiency. More interestingly, OLEDs can be used to form curved screens which can be used in creative ways around the airplane cabins.

The UK based technology based innovation center, CPI, foresees the installation of video walls. Leveraging the outboard cameras on airplanes, it would be possible to have wall to wall displays showcasing the scenery outside as opposed to the small windows that are currently available for travelers. Throw in touch capabilities for the multi-screen installations and you have a user experience that far surpasses what is offered by commercial flights at present.

CPI has announced that they are looking to work with designers and aerospace industry to realize their vision of windowless planes with OLED screens. It goes without saying that if their endeavor is successful, integrators may just be installing video-walls in places other than control rooms.

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