Wearable devices market to reach $150bn annually by 2027

IDTechEx Research has published a report on wearables which says the increasingly diverse market will reach over $150bn annually by 2027.

The report looks at the historical context for wearable technology products and looks at sectors such as medical devices and commodity infotainment items like headphones or electronic watches.
The report includes sections on key product areas including smart clothing, smart eyewear (including AR and VR), smart skin patches, and more. It also looks separately by application sector (including healthcare & medical, fitness & wellness, professional sports, infotainment, enterprise, military and fashion), giving detailed case studies within each, but also discussing the trend that is seeing increasing cross-industry collaboration and product development.

Wearable Technology 2017-2027: Markets, Players, Forecasts contains granular 10-year forecasts describing revenues, volumes and pricing for 39 separate wearable technology product types from 2017-2027. The report features case studies including a study looking at wearables in the enterprise sector.

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