Watch your step

Watch your step
Hauptbahnhof train station in Berlin played host to an interactive LED footpath that responds in real time to pedestrians’ feet. Art company, phase7 carried out the installation that utilises infrared camera motion sensing and software to create powerful fluid visuals. The installation is the latest incarnation of ‘Ønskebrønn’ (Norwegian for wishing well) that was shown in Norway – Recently updated with new video content.

The installation, essentially an LED-floor, composed of individual panels, was conceived by Sven Sören Beyer, from Pphase7. This allows the wishing well to vary in size and shape and essentially act as a videoscreen, combining image, movement and musical arrangement.

Interactive "Kalypso", software was created by "software-artist" Frieder Weiss. Pedestrians’ are recorded through infrared tracking and are transformed in real time into graphic effects on the LED floor. Further, rhythmic Loop Patterns get activated through the movements to create music. The intensity of the music increases along the intensity of the movements on the LED panels. A multilayered composition was composed for the installation by Christian Steinhäuser and Matthias Baumhof.
Technical details:

- area of installation: 7x6,75m
- efficacy: max. 2000 nits
- Panel Size: 50x75x7 cm
- Pixel per Panel: 24x36
- maximal resolution of the LED-Floor: 1600x200 - maximal measurement: 25m x 33m

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