VR surgery simulator receives first medical accreditation

VR surgery simulator receives first medical accreditation
FundamentalVR’s total hip replacement simulation has received accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons England in the UK.

The total hip replacement (posterior approach) simulation received continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) England, an accreditation that certifies the system as an approved learning activity that enables professionals to develop and enhance skills.

The simulation makes up part of FundamentalVR’s Fundamental Surgery platform, designed to allow trainee surgeons to practice procedures in a realistic, risk free environment as an alternative to simulation with dummies and actors.

Fundamental Surgery is a software platform that works in conjunction with a VR headset, laptop/PC and haptic (touch) peripherals to simulate the fine movements required for surgery, simulating real-time touch and pressure.

This allows users to feel the movement and interaction of tissue, muscle and bone in real time, with several tissue variants and tools available to mimic real life surgery.

FundamentalVR has become the first HapticVR simulation company to receive accreditation from RCS England, marking a noteworthy increase in the uptake of VR throughout the medical profession in the UK.

Another healthcare orientated VR system, developed by Oxford Medical Simulation, has been rolled out to several National Health Service (NHS) sites for UK doctors to practice for type 1 Diabetes treatment.

VR for training emergency services is not limited to healthcare projects, with another system developed by RiVR in use with the UK fire service to practice fire forensics.

The Fundamental Surgery platform has been installed at London Hospital and St George’s Hospital’s training centres in the UK, allowing trainees to access the platform and monitor progress.

The system has also been installed at the Mayo Clinic and UCLA in the US and the Sana hospital group in Germany.

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