VR powered robot stacks shelves in Tokyo store

VR powered robot stacks shelves in Tokyo store
Robotics specialist company Telexistence has begun trials of its remote controlled, VR powered Model T robot at a FamilyMart convenience store in Tokyo, Japan as part of a new store operation built on remote control robot technology.

The robot, called the Model T works with Telexistence’s augmented workforce platform(AWP), logging the ‚pilot‘ into the robot using a VR terminal located in Telexistence’s office, remotely operating the robot on the shop floor. The user wears a headset and uses haptics to control the hands of the robot, remotely moving items from one location to another. 

The trials aim to develop a new store operation method by automating and remotely operating merchandise restocking work, allowing the store to operate with less workers. 

The robot will be used to restock plastic beverage bottles from the outside storage area of the store, verifying the restocking speed and accuracy of the robot during the trials. FamilyMart and TX also plan to expand the items handled by the robot to other product categories, with plans to deploy the Model-T robot in up to 20 stores by 2022 and expand the use of the robot to all FamilyMart stores. 

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