Vogel's buys Marmitek

Vogel's has announced its acquisition of Dutch company Marmitek BV, a developer of smart applications for audio and video.

With this acquisition, Vogel's aims to position itself more explicitly as a specialist in product-based solutions to improve people's experience of sound and vision - at home and in the professional market.

The acquisition will allow both parties to strengthen their market positions. After the acquisition, Marmitek will continue to exist as an independent entity. Both companies will benefit from each other's strengths. Vogel's will be able to use Marmitek's knowledge and expertise in home entertainment. Marmitek will be able to use Vogel's international distribution network.

Gerdi Vogels, Vogel's CEO: "I am very pleased with this acquisition. It is an expansion that neatly complements our current activities. Through this combination, both brands can increase their position in the market and strengthen their distribution. In addition, we are looking forward to using Marmitek's product development knowledge and expertise for future developments."

Arthur van Horssen, Marmitek sales and marketing director: "This acquisition fits perfectly with Marmitek's current development stage. With this acquisition, we are offered a wealth of possibilities to explore new markets and apply our product development expertise more widely. After years of pleasant collaboration between both companies, the acquisition now offers us a major impulse for growth that will allow us to act on our many ideas faster and more extensively."

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