Vitec outlines middle east expansion


Vitec has increased investment in the middle east sector following the establishment of the company’s presence in the region with the launch of its Dubai office.

Nicolas Pons, VP business development Middle East, Vitec said: “Given the space that VITEC operates in, the prevailing socio-economic conditions in the region have proven favourable, fuelling our growth. We have firmly committed to the region and will continue to invest in our presence here as we deepen our ties with customers, strengthen our channel, and help drive the maturity of the digital video delivery sector.”

Pons highlighted two key technology areas that Vitec will be focusing on in the middle east, with point to point broadcasting as well as IPTV and digital signage anchoring the company’s focus in the region.

Going into 2020, Vitec plans to continue the expansion of its workforce, extend its channel partner ecosystem and increase its presence in key customer accounts across the oil and gas, broadcast and military/defence sectors primarily in the UAE, Jordan and Turkey.