Visavvi joins PSNI Global Alliance

Visavvi joins PSNI Global Alliance
Visavvi, part of the Saville Group, has joined the PSNI as its newest CSP in the UK, bringing over five decades of experience.

Chris Miller, executive director at PSNI, said of the news; “Visavvi and Saville is known throughout the UK as an integrator of the highest caliber. With the combined assets of PSNI’s network and Saville’s experience and commitment to perfect operational standards, we look forward to a thriving and successful future together.”

He added: “With technology changing at an unprecedented pace, and with the arrival of COVID, the reliance on business-critical technology in collaborative environments is higher than ever. The skill set of the people providing and supporting these technologies has never been more important and we are delighted to welcome Visavvi’s trusted expertise to PSNI’s integrator network.”

With key PSNI licensed offices in York, Farnborough, Manchester, Coventry and Belfast, the adoption into the alliance makes Visavvi a truly nationwide PSNI Certified Solutions Provider, able to now call upon PSNI’s global resources when required.

Head of global strategy at Visavvi, Elliott Moores, commented “This exciting new partnership will provide us with unprecedented access to a further 188 offices globally across 49 countries and will allow us to add our strengths to continue building this goal of delivering the highest standards of quality, technical knowledge and safe working practices.

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges to all areas of the industry across the globe. However, by working together in partnership built on a unified commitment to delivering expertise in collaborative technologies, we are confident that we can continue to deliver real successes for clients and for the sector as a whole.”

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