Vioso announces new business structure

Vioso announces new business structure
Vioso introduced its new business structure at ISE 2020, highlighting two independent areas on its stand: Vioso AV and Vioso Simulation.

Vioso AV, headed by Emanuel Züger, is carrying on its work of creating immersive AV projects, developing and distributing software system such as Vioso Player, Vioso Anyblend and Vioso Integrate. 

Vioso Simulation will focus its efforts on simulation systems, with support from Vioso’s specialised projection software, headed by Vioso’s Dr Sergey Kovyryalov.

Vioso Simulation will also focus on developing systems for simulation integrators. 
Raul Vandenberg, international sales director, Vioso said: “Our clients expect the highest level of expertise and service from us, and we felt the best way to achieve this was to create two entities. 

“We wanted to ensure our clients knew our team of specialists are there every step of the way for their projects, whether they are Simulation or AV based."

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