Vioso acquires domeprojection with 100% takeover of shares

Vioso acquires domeprojection with 100% takeover of shares
Vioso has announced that it has acquired domeprojection, acquiring 100% of the company’s shares.

Domeprojection will continue to operate under the leadership of Christian Steinmann, managing director, domeprojection, as an independent brand under the name domeprojection- a Vioso simulation company. Steinmann will also become a shareholder of Vioso.

The domeprojection Magdeburg location and existing team will remain unchanged, combining domeprojection’s technological offerings with Vioso’s simulation technologies and infrastructures.

Benjamin Fritsch, managing director, VIOSO, commented: "This acquisition is a major milestone in our company's history, with the competition becoming partners in the best sense. VIOSO's overall expertise in the AV market and the massive growth in simulation market perfectly aligns with domeprojection's competence and reputation in the simulation branch. This is a unique alliance with a grand vision and incredible possibilities for our customers."

Pictured: Christian Steinmann (L) and Benjamin Fritsch (R). 

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