Viju acquires CityIS

Viju acquires CityIS
Viju has snapped up CityIS, a video communications reseller, positioning itself as a global VC solutions provider.

CityIS will continue to operate under its name but as part of the Viju Group. The chairman of Viju, Rune Jensen, will act as Chairman of the CityIS companies. He will be joined in the local boards by Viju’s CEO, Kurt S. Helland, the founder and chairman of CityIS, John N. Thompson as well as local managing directors Stephen Gill in the UK, James de Poortere in the USA and Michael See in Singapore.

The owners of CityIS will be owners in the Viju Group and Thompson will join the Viju Group board. De Poortere will continue to own shares in CityIS Inc, alongside his ownership in the Viju Group.

“Both companies have experienced strong growth despite the financial turmoil in recent years and we have an optimistic view of our joint growth potential in the coming years as the general investment climate improves,” said Jensen.

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