Vega outlines global expansion aims

Vega outlines global expansion aims
Systems integrator Vega Global has launched several strategic initiatives to expand and accelerate its international business. These include updates to its platform to improve global business operations, service offerings, and the expansion of its global sales force.

Vega aims to expand its global sales force to broaden the client base and accommodate the growing demands in the international AV market.

“At Vega, we pride ourselves on delivering the best and consistent quality of audio visual technology solutions, we are excited to see that our commitment to innovation continues to propel our growth in the global market,” said Laurie Chow, MD Vega Global

Vega Global also opened the 24/7 Help Desk centre in the last quarter of 2017 to support the existing client base and facilitate the multi-channelled modes of communication. The centre is plugged into the global network allowing clients to instantly communicate with Vega via VC, toll-free phone lines, live chat and email. 

“The opening of a facility in our office in Manila, Philippines to support the growing demands of AV projects is another milestone Vega is proud of. This is a reflection of the strength of our company and our strategy to tap into the competence of people who can deliver veritable results,” added by Mr. Laurie Chow.

Finally, to better benefit the company’s international client base, Vega launched its project management communication platform that will improve the global business operations. The new platform will enable Vega and its clients to monitor projects effectively and allow better collaboration between branch offices to provide a globally consistent approach. “Serving global corporate clients, Vega stays true to its philosophy of innovation to provide bespoke quality solutions to deliver optimal value, our multicultural and multilingual capabilities serve as  conduit  for  achieving the full  scope  of  economic  relationship  potential  among  countries,” said Matthew Deayton, global business development director of Vega Global.