VBrick Systems partners with LifeSize

VBrick Systems partners with LifeSize
IP video technology provider VBrick Systems has announced a partnership with LifeSize to extend high-definition IP video delivery within the enterprise sector.

The combination of VBrick Systems’ Enterprise IP Video Communications Platform and LifeSize’s new HD video recording and streaming product, LifeSize Video Center, results in the ability to create and distribute new video content across the enterprise and over the Internet.

The combined VBrick Systems and LifeSize solution enables capabilities that neither IP video streaming nor video conferencing provide alone. According to VBrick, the partnership translates into major advantages for customers in the form of increased participation in content creation,
scalable distribution of content across the enterprise and over the Internet, support of all enterprise video applications.

“Partnering with VBrick Systems moves LifeSize one step closer to our goal of inter-operating with the key players in the broader enterprise video communications space,” said Matt Collier, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, LifeSize.

“Integrating VBrick’s enterprise IP video streaming solutions with the LifeSize Video Center will provide joint customers an easy way to record high-quality videos and centrally manage them with scalable broadcasting options for sharing innovative, business-critical content with their employees, partners and other parties.”

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