Valenti sets out his stall for InfoComm in 2008

Valenti sets out his stall for InfoComm in 2008
Mark Valenti, the new President of the board of governers of InfoComm and InfoComm International has states his agenda for the organisation in the year ahead, citing greater involvement of individual members as his key priorities.

"We must continually strive to improve the association and provide value to the AV industry. As InfoComm moves forward, the board has challenges to address. How can members continue to interact, participate in programs, provide feedback and effectively network as the association and the show grows at a record pace? How does the AV industry brace for a predicted economic downturn, should it develop? How will increased competition from firms outside the industry impact AV?

The InfoComm Board does not want you to be just another name on the InfoComm membership rolls. InfoComm is not merely an organization you join, or a tradeshow you attend, but a place to belong. I hope that in 2008 you will find your niche and choose to participate in InfoComm in a way that feels most comfortable and enjoyable to you. Whether it is joining a council related to your segment of the industry, reviewing curricula, writing a white paper, or attending a local member roundtable, we want you to be involved," said Valenti, in InfoComm's most recent news letter.

InfoComm's member survey in 2007 has let to the introduction of online, social networking opportunities this year, and the formation of groups based on areas of particular interest - SIGs. It appears that InfoComm is preparing to embrace the Facebook age.

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