UVS reports rising demand for govt and blue light security projects

UVS reports rising demand for govt and blue light security projects
Videowall provider Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has seen rising demand for strategic government and blue light control room installations as the UK tightens up security and public protection.

UVS has completed 25 control room videowall projects for a wide range of administrative buildings, headquarters and prisons in the last 12 months.

The work has ranged from upgrading to installing completely new systems, with security projects now accounting for 64% of UVS’s business, up from 46% two years ago.

Steve Murphy, MD of UVS, said: “The move away from Covid lockdowns along with the various security threats that the country is facing has resulted in a large number of public sector organisations reviewing the monitoring systems that they have in place and either upgrading or opting for completely new installations. This is obviously something which will help protect both people and the country’s key infrastructure and buildings and the projects include new operations centres where multiple agency CCTV camera feeds, never previously available in one location, have been made available for use to increase the security of the public.”

Murphy said UVS had also seen a significant increase in the amount of AV over IP systems it is supplying with its Lucidity videowall systems. 

In these large operation centre installations, multiple workstations and data feeds are being encoded to IP so they can be distributed over the network and viewed in any location via the Lucidity video wall controller system.

In one large multi-Lucidity videowall controller installation alone during this period, UVS provided over 500 channels of HD resolution IP decoding for multiple data sources, including workstations, collaboration inputs and IP video, which were encoded and distributed on the network for use in multiple rooms at the site.

UVS has also seen an increase in this period for KVM over IP systems and has supplied several control room systems, where operators are provided with full simultaneous access to multiple workstations, which are securely installed in an equipment room, via a single keyboard and mouse and local monitors. 

Steve Murphy added: “Due to our own marketing activities and increase in end user AV enquiries, UVS needs to find new, qualified AV system integration partners that we can work with for these enquiries for our Lucidity videowall controller technology.” 

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