Use of lasers in projection set to explode

Laser and LED powered projectors will spur market growth as sales of mainstream units are expected to grow more than 50% in 2012, according to Pacific Media Associates. It marks a turning point for technologies that are in a relative infancy.

The research body also claims shipments of laser/LED hybrid models are forecasted to grow modestly this year, and then are expected to grow by more than 40% each year during 2013-2015. Shipments of laser illuminated units are expected to begin in 2013 for the high-end and d-Cinema ranges. In 2014, PMA anticipates a growth rate of more than 80% for the high-end laser models and nearly double for the digital cinema laser models.

PMA’s quarterly forecast also identifies the anticipated growth of relatively inexpensive, medium-throw projectors.

Michael Abramson, PMA’s VP of projector research at PMA, said: "While outlook for ultra-short-throw projectors (i.e., ones with a throw ratio of <0.38) is still very promising, there are a lot more medium-throw projectors coming to market that allow big-screen viewing from up-close distances."