UnlimitedHand lets you touch virtual objects

AUTHOR: Inavate

Japanese hardware startup H2L has created an arm band that allows the user to touch objects they are seeing in virtual reality. UnlimitedHand enables the wearer to input finger movements through the use of embedded motion and a muscle motion sensor while at the same time feeling haptic feedback from multi-channel electric muscle stimulation (EMS). It is among the latest technologies and methods researchers are using to make virtual environments more engaging and believable.

Initially aimed at the gaming industry, H2L have launched their creation on the funding platform Kickstarter where it has almost trebled its initial contribution target of $20,000. With its next funding milestone expected to be easily reached, H2L have pledged to deliver a plugin for VR development tool Unreal in 2016.

In a gaming scenario, UnlimitedHand would be integrated into a game controller so that bodily encounters and occasions of being inflicted with damage within games can be felt in person. The user’s finger and arm movements may be synced up with characters in the game while being susceptible to the haptic affects of the virtual world.

It is conceivable that things move forward UnlimitedHand will stand as a ‘use anywhere’ product to enhance VR in contrast to other projects that utilise dedicated physical environments to let users physically touch things they are seeing in virtual reality.