UNICOL’s Comprehensive Catalogue Introduces New Mounts!

UNICOL’s Comprehensive Catalogue Introduces New Mounts!
UK-based AV mount manufacturer, UNICOL, are proud to announce the release of their biggest catalogue yet! The new catalogue features over 40 new mounts, new product ranges and a refreshing new look.

The launch of the new product catalogue embodies UNICOL’s commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality mounting solutions that answer the diverse needs of all AV professionals. Boasting an extensive array of products, each meticulously designed and manufactured in the UK, UNICOL’s catalogue reflects their dedication to supporting AV.

From touch panel stands and behind-screen service mounts to LED solutions and highly adaptable video conference walls, this catalogue introduces new solutions that are engineered to meet the ever-growing demands of modern installations and customer expectations. Each mount encompasses the high-quality craftmanship and reliability that makes UNICOL the go-to source for many kinds of mounting requirements.

Exploring the catalogue pages, you’ll be introduced to the NEW Accession Behind-Screen Wall Mount range. This range provides spacious and efficient servicing through the scissor-action pull-out screen mount, extending to an impressive 345mm, allowing for easy access to AV equipment trays. The two integrated trays can be removed and pre-populated/maintained separately and offer multiple lateral fixing points to accommodate placement of mains and other fixed inputs. This mount is also fully compatible with UNICOL’s well-proven dedicated video conference and sound bar mounts.

Integrators will be able to explore our ever-growing LED range of products. Introducing All-In-One LED Mounts (with floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling and ceiling suspended versions), Roller Trak LED Video Wall s (ideal for movable installations and servicing), LED Freestanding Totems (available in a variety of arrangements) and, as always, our bespoke product offering. The catalogue highlights the capabilities of our Special Projects department, who can faithfully carry your next installation from concept to final delivery.

UNICOL invites AV professionals to explore its new product catalogue, both on- and off-line, and discover the next generation of UNICOL AV mounts. For more information, to request a printed copy and to access the digital catalogue, visit unicol.com.

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