Ultimate Visual Solutions upgrades Weir Minerals intelligent monitoring centre

Ultimate Visual Solutions upgrades Weir Minerals intelligent monitoring centre
Equipment manufacturer Weir Minerals has chosen Ultimate Visual Solutions to provide the functionality required for its European service and client asset monitoring centre.

Founded in 1871, Weir Minerals provides original equipment and aftermarket services to mining and infrastructure markets, solving their toughest operating challenges safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Weir Minerals had installed several videowall screens at its European service and monitoring centre, based in Rochdale, and was searching for a suitable videowall controller to provide the specific functionality required.

After a thorough analysis followed by detailed online live demonstrations during the second Covid lockdown period, UVS demonstrated that most of Weir Minerals Europe’s requirements were met by the UVS Lucidity videowall controller standard features, with the rest covered by the development of additional customised functions.

The customised features included auto logon to specific Weir Minerals URL monitoring dashboards, using JavaScript injection. This allowed preset layouts on the videowall to be recalled, including the relevant URL dashboards which would automatically launch and complete log on without any operator intervention. 

Other customised features included modifications to the Lucidity web viewer control for forward and backward web page functions and a preset launcher app that groups presets by specific Weir Minerals customer locations.

Weir Minerals Europe also had a special display requirement at their Remote Witness Testing site in Todmorden. Here, UVS provided the Lucidity software, installed on a UVS supplied workstation, with an HDMI multichannel capture card.

This allows multiple data sources to be displayed on a single workstation screen, which can be shared with clients during remote witness test sessions, to view the performance of the Weir Minerals equipment and validate successful witness tests.  

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