UK partnership improves screen readability

UK partnership improves screen readability
LCD screens will be easier to read after a partnership agreement between Display Solutions and RayShine Photonics.

The agreement offers patented technology in a range of specifications that was previously impossible to achieve and will provide a transflective option for LCD screens.

Cheng Yoe, managing director of Display Solutions, said customer options were “increasing”.

“We can offer transflective options for LG, AUO, CMO and Samsung in a size range from 6.5in to 42in screens. As partners we now enjoy unique access to RayShine’s technology which offers designers choice outside the parameters they may have found previously restricting,” added Yoe.

RayShine Photonics has developed the technology in association with California-based Advanced Link Photonics to produce high-performance optical polymeric film which is designed to deliver readability in the brightest of direct sunlight. The lower power consumption and lack of any extra heat generation makes its Trio-LCD range suitable for a range of applications.

Systems manager for Display Solutions, Martin Whitehead commented: “Railway information isn’t terribly helpful if no-one can read it.

“It was a very real problem for a customer of ours. From an engineering perspective we want to provide a system that not only fulfils the brief in terms of imparting information, but also delivers above average reliability and longevity of product life. It is fairly innovative to specify transflective screens for outdoor use but in this case, in one stroke, it solves all the problems associated with traditional high brightness displays,” he said.

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