UK leading global AR/VR developments says report

UK leading global AR/VR developments says report
An investment report compiled and published by Immerse UK has highlighted ten companies that are advancing immersive tech, XR and spatial computing, highlighting technology that is driving development in the field.

The report identifies training software that allows office workers to ‘swap bodies’ with colleagues to improve workplace communication and emotional intelligence, as well as surgery simulation for trainee doctors and interfaces that allow for hand-waving interaction with personal computers.

The report highlighted:

. Anything World – A 3D modelling specialist

. Bodyswaps – A B2B VR platform for ‘soft skill’ training

. FitXR – A digital fitness company focused on VR-integrated fitness

. FundamentalVR- A haptic VR platform for medical applications

. Gravity Sketch – A 3D design platform for real time collaboration

. LoveShark – A mobile phone camera games developer

. Maze Theory – An immersive entertainment studio specialising in game development

. Poplar Studio – A creative platform focused on AR and 3D marketing/advertising campaigns

. Ultraleap – A haptics company with a focus on B2B clients

. VividQ – A ‘deep tech’ company focused on the development of display technologies

Asha Eston, Immerse UK lead, KTN, commented: “The ventures highlighted in this report show the huge potential of the XR sector.  They demonstrate some of the various cross-sector applications of this technology ranging from media and entertainment to medicine, manufacturing, education, training, and more.

“This report shows that, as a nation, we are driving this emerging technology and the UK economy is well positioned to benefit from it.  It’s the perfect time for investors to get involved.”

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