UK facility lets AV purchasers test and compare products

UK facility lets AV purchasers test and compare products
AV systems provider Paragon Multimedia has set up an interactive showroom and test facility near Windsor, UK.

‘The Hub’ is designed to allow businesses and education providers select AV systems and contains a range of interactive flat panel displays from Smart, Promethean and Clevertouch. Users can compare the features of each unit.  

Paragon says the test facility can identify potential pitfalls prior to installation by providing a complex system of back end servers and technology inputs/outputs, which can measure the compatibility of the touchscreens with legacy systems, software, cabling and connectivity in a controlled setting.

Grant Allen, managing director of Paragon Multimedia, set up the facility. “The inspiration behind The Hub came from an experience I had whilst working on a project for British Airways,” he said. “An AV system had been specified and purchased, before we joined the process, which was incompatible with the organisation’s legacy technology.  Had there been a facility to test these systems in advance, the installation would have been easier for everyone involved.

 “Audio visual technology has changed quite dramatically over the last 10 years and specific areas that most people don’t think about, such as cabling and connectivity, now need more qualification. We wanted to adjust what we offer at Paragon Multimedia to match the demands to ensure we provide our customers the service and results they want.”