Turbosound Fuses UK Strategy

Turbosound Fuses UK Strategy
Turbosound has announced that it has partnered with Fuzion PLC to further expand the distribution of its professional loudspeaker lines in the UK.

As a result of a series of discussions between the two companies over the last few months, Turbosound and Fuzion have reached agreement to work together to further expand Turbosound's sales channels, alongside the West Sussex-based company's existing sales network in the UK market.
Effective from April 2nd 2010, Fuzion will complement the current distribution of Turbosound's fixed installation and concert touring loudspeaker products.
Fuzion's managing director Tony Oates commented: "Having spent some time auditioning the product line, and understanding the strategy of where the company is going, I could see that it was one of those points in time where opportunity just had to be grabbed. Once our channel gets to know what today's Turbosound products have to offer in terms of premium solutions, it will quickly become a brand of first choice in a number of applications. Supporting that process is the core of our mission, and we are really excited to be involved. It's going to be fun...'

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