TSE creates trainee entertainment exhibition

TSE creates trainee entertainment exhibition
TSE has debuted its “The Next” exercise for all trainee staff and apprentices, designed to encourage new talent in event management, production and organisation, lighting, visual, production and audio design areas.

The concept was proposed by the trainees, creating a lighting, sound and visual show environment for use as a live stream and recording series. 

The set up was created in TSE’s Berlin warehouse, where the trainees used Robe moving lights stock including Pointes, MegaPointes and Spiiders. 

13 trainees and apprentices planned and executed the exhibition, working alongside 20 TSE technicians. 

Metal cable storage units were used to create a fragmented ‘wall’ in the rear of the venue, house Spiiders inside the cages with ‘cage lamps’ on cables hung on either side from one of the warehouse roof beams. 

Spiiders and Pointes were used to create back light, with diagonally flown side trusses rigged with three Pointes for cross stage beam effects. 

A diamond shaped voile-covered projection screen was also  flown at the back of the venue. 

Hennig Grunwald, trainee project manager, TSE, worked alongside other trainees Johannes Fritz (artist liaison), Tim Berger (lighting design), Ole Jacobi and Kolja Barc (sound designers), as well as Erik Betac and Lukas Wenzel (projection and visual content). The project was coordinated by Marcel Kuch, supervising project manager, TSE and Hennig Grunwald. 

Grunwald commented: "This project gave me the opportunity to grow both creatively and in terms of planning / organisation. It was a hugely enriching experience.”

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