Trueform signs Africa and Asia contract with Pikasso

Trueform signs Africa and Asia contract with Pikasso
DooH display designer and installer Trueform has signed a contract with OoH advertiser Pikasso to build, supply and support a range of bespoke multipurpose displays in shopping centres in Africa and Asia.

Trueform has installed over 25 75-in digital six sheet advertising signs in two retail parks in the Ivory Coast (Cap Sud and Cosmos Yopougon), with a rollout in Algeria and Armenia underway.

Pikasso manages a portfolio of more than 13,000 advertising faces in 367 cities across eight countries.

The displays incorporate CCTV cameras, digital signage analytics and interactivity, using Trueform’s ‘Fusion’ technology thermal management engines with remote monitoring, diagnostic and repair capabilities, with the displays encased in weatherproof enclosures.

The new contract follows Trueform’s recent completion of more than 250 displays installed in Westfields shopping centre in London.

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