Trison buys British integrator Beaver Group

Trison team

Global integrator The Trison Group has acquired UK company Beaver Group just six months after it bought TMM Communication in a move that further strengthens Trison’s position in Europe.

Beaver Group is a digital agency specialising in customer experiences that employs 36 people. Its acquisition will help Trison to expand in the customer experience and physical space digitisation sectors in the UK. 

Alberto Cáceres, CEO of Trison, said: “The Trison Group is increasing its range of key skills and solutions, consolidating the group’s growth and taking its expertise to the UK market, the biggest in Europe. The integration of Beaver Group enables Trison to consolidate its goal of playing a significant role in the digital revolution as a global technology partner, boosting its capacity for delivering solutions in terms of audiovisual content conceptualisation, design and production whilst also enabling Beaver Group to operate on an international scale”.

Peter Critchley, CEO and co-founder of the Beaver Group, said: “The formal alliance of Trison, TMM and Beaver Group as one company is a truly exciting moment for our clients, partners and the wider industry. The days of local integrators and solution providers working with a fragmented approach to this maturing market are now gone, as clients rightly expect their digital partner to deliver a truly end-to-end, integrated, professional and experience-led solution – worldwide.”