Trinnov Audio to build global HQ in France

Trinnov Audio to build global HQ in France
Trinnov Audio, designer and manufacturer of reference audio processors for pro-audio and commercial cinemas, has announced the construction of its new global headquarters in France.

The facility will be built on one of the very last available land plots of the “Grand Paris” metro expansion project. The site consists of 5100m2 of unspoiled nature adjacent to a future mega metro train station that directly connects to the very centre of Paris (21 min), CDG Airport (27 min) and 400m away from the highway.

Out of a total area of 4500m2, the facility will feature no less than 1000m2 of acoustic and listening spaces, including 450m2 of laboratories and 500m2 of showroom and training space. The laboratories inluce a full-size anechoic chamber of 8m x 8m x 8m, a passive variable acoustic room and critical listening room, an immersive sound and active acoustics lab, a range of small acoustic and functional test rooms, and electronic labs and a prototyping workshop.

In addition, the R&D team will enjoy 550m2 of office space, including a 180m2, 120 seat multipurpose room that can be used as a Cinema, a Dubbing Stage, or a large-scale Conference room. Its full-blown immersive sound system can even transform the space into a small concert hall. It will also include a 70m2 VIP room aimed at demonstrating the best performance achievable in a private cinema, three studios: an immersive studio (home Atmos), a small music studio and a photo/web recording studio, a functional immersive space with variable acoustic and movable speakers and a classroom and a reception space, complemented by several gardens and rooftops.

The first stone will be turned in October 2023 with the opening planned in 2025.

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