Transport info is at your feet with projector-powered SmartWalk

A digital signage and software company that specialises in information about public transport has unveiled a system that projects real-time data and directions on to pavements and other public spaces. TransitScreen has built on its service, that emerged as part of a government programme in Virginia, with the SmartWalk system that projects the information compiled on paths, walls and advertising boards.

TransitScreen currently operates in sites throughout the USA and Canada with displays customised according to location.

It is designed to make it easy for people to select the best form of city transport and to quickly find the service they require.

The company argues that more people now want to be “multimodal” in their transportation use and that cities throughout the world are adapting to those needs.

“TransitScreen has been partnering with state local government agencies and business improvement district organisation to help promote and inform potential passengers of available transit options in their area,” the company said.