Tragedy remembered on record screen

Tragedy remembered on record screen
A Chinese production company claims to have used the largest silver screen in the world for the premier of its disaster film “Aftershock”.

The film, directed by Feng Xiaogang was shown in Tangshang city, Hebei Province, on a 33m wide by 15m high screen. The story is based on a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Tangshan in 1976.

Huayi Brothers, the film's production company, used two Barco Series II DP2K-32B digital projectors, which were flanked by two 25m x 17m LED screens.

Mr Zhonglei Wang, CEO of Huayi Brothers, said: “'Tangshan Earthquake' bears great significance for the Chinese people, in particular for the citizens of Tangshan. We chose Tangshan as the location of our premiere, because the film shows the inspirational moral character of the people of Tangshan. We hope that their resilience and perseverance will serve as an example for the whole nation.”

Yan Fei, Barco's managing director in China, added: “As 'Tangshan Earthquake' was one of the most anticipated movies this year, Huayi Brothers had specially tailored a movie premiere for ten thousand people. This premiere carries great meaning, not only for Tangshan citizens, but for all Chinese. To ensure that the movie could depict the shocking scenes that took place 34 years ago, we were the first in the industry to introduce the DP2K-32B digital projector, thus allowing the Chinese audience to visualise the level of destruction brought about by the earthquake.”

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