Tough times to come says AVIXA Covid-19 impact survey

Tough times to come says AVIXA Covid-19 impact survey
The AVIXA AV industry impact survey for 2 April 2020 has highlighted a continuing and significant drop in revenue for respondents, with an uptake of cancelled projects and delayed orders increasing.

The AVIXA AV industry impact survey was established on 17 March 2020, with respondents asked to cite negative impacts on business conducted over a second day period, with as many of 67% of AV respondents highlighting revenue declines and 71% demonstrating a slowing of sales, with the increase in revenue declines and slowing sales rate continuing to climb week on week since the survey began. 

Up to 42% of AV providers have also been impacted by supply chain disruptions, with cancelled projects (57% of respondents) and delayed orders (55%) also affecting AV professionals. 

Sadly, 30% of respondents have also had to reduce staff over the past week, with 29% of all AV respondents estimating that the revenue decline in the past two weeks has exceeded more than 50%

One respondent to the survey said: “Even though the overall sales numbers haven’t changed much, they have shifted — less sales in one area and more sales in another.“ 

“As telework has increased, these solutions have grown. Currently, there is a shortage of web cameras, monitors with built-in web cameras, headsets and other items to help with remote work. We expect the sales for this coming month to decrease because many items being requested still are on back order and other projects where our sales were stronger have been delayed or cancelled until further notice.”

While on the surface, these numbers may make for grim reading, Avixa stated that, overall, global AV providers could see an average decline in revenue around 25%, with 26% of AV respondents speculating that work could pick up around June, although there is no guarantee or reliable time frame that can be used to estimate when the crisis may ease.