Touch revolution from Qeexo

Touch revolution from Qeexo
Apple may have dictated most of the intuitive touch commands we’re used to today but this summer a developer of interactive systems took touch controls to the next level. With the launch of TouchTool, Qeexo is allowing users to summon virtual tools such as a pen, camera or mouse, using intuitive gestures.

TouchTools is available to OEMs, app developers, and designers to transform touchscreen devices, from tablets to larger interactive displays, with a software system.

Sang Won Lee, CEO of Qeexo, said: “Seven years ago multi-touch devices went mainstream, revolutionizing the mobile industry. But other than 'pinch and zoom,' there haven’t been many compelling use cases for multi-touch until TouchTools. “Combining multi-touch with innovations in machine intelligence, Qeexo created a much richer user experience.”  

The company says TouchTools understands the user’s intent by looking at the pose of the hand to summon virtual tools. It virtualises hardware such as a mouse, stylus or radio dial on the screen via touch interaction. 

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