Toshiba glasses-free 3D hits the US

Toshiba glasses-free 3D hits the US
There are expectations that Toshiba will demonstrate its glasses free 3D televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. If the models appear at the Las Vegas show it will be the first time they will have been seen outside of Japan. Earlier in the year Toshiba said 12” and 20” displays would be available in Japan by the end of the year.

The announcement was picked up by The IDG news service. A reporter claimed Masaaki Oosumi, president of Toshiba’s digital media network unit, revealed the company’s intentions for CES at a low key Toshiba event on December 17. Oosumi reportedly said that the technology had advanced since its launch in October and it was time to demonstrate it again.

Toshiba is also expected to work on production of larger models in the new year.

CES will be held January 6 to 9, 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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