Toshiba develops TV wallpaper

Toshiba develops TV wallpaper
Toshiba unveiled “television wallpaper” at Tokyo’s annual International Nanotechnology Conference and Exhibition, revealing that its scientists had used nanotechnology to create flexible paper capable of showing images. The revolutionary wall coverings, announced at the conference held February 18 – 20, are a result of a breakthrough in OLED technology that allows the paper to emit light.

Scientists at Toshiba have increased the efficiency of OLED devices by using light that has been redirected by an ultra-fine grating that is fabricated by self-assembled nano particles. OLED is far less energy hungry than LCD or plasma equivalents.

The paper can be used to project moving pictures or images to create different atmospheres. Living rooms could be transformed into a tropical scene one day and snowy mountain range the next. Furthermore the paper can emit light which could potentially eliminate the need for additional light sources.

Toshiba research scientists are increasingly exploring the field of nanotechnology that is proving important in the development of new technologies. Despite announcing the breakthrough at the conference in Japan, Toshiba says the concept is still many years away from production.

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