Tiny projection module creates virtual touchscreen on any surface

Tiny projection module creates virtual touchscreen on any surface
Bosch Sensortec has debuted the BML100PI interactive projection module at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, which can create a virtual touchscreen on any surface. The system has huge application possibilities within the retail sector, as well as IoT and smart homes. A generated laser beam creates a focus-free image on any surface and then scans it line-by-line to detect any gestures or finger movements. No calibration or adjustment is required for gesture and touch recognition.

The BML100PI offers power consumption of typically 2W, and measures 47mm x 43mm (smaller than a credit card). In addition to the BML100PI module, Bosch Sensortec offers the BML100P variant, which provides the same projection features but without the touch functionality.

bosch interactive projector module 2

One key feature is that the module can project an image on to any type of surface, regardless of whether it is dark, coloured, wet, stepped or curved. It can thus provide interactive projection where suitable projection surfaces are often lacking.

The BML100PI and BML100P will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

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One module can provide touchscreen functionality on up to six different surfaces. For example, a single module can project a weather forecast, the user’s individual daily schedule as well as reminders of upcoming events on to a wardrobe. This information is processed and appropriate clothing is recommended to match the weather forecast and/or planned personal activities. If an item of clothing is missing or in the laundry bin, the smart shelf can suggest new clothing for the user to order in an online fashion store or it can schedule a date for the laundry service, which is directly synced with the user’s calendar.

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